I hope we realize that the life we all share (and don’t share) on the internet and social media is a conscious decision.

I think sometimes people look at an instagram or blog or facebook as if its a 100% representation of who that person is.

I look at my photographs that I share and wonder if people think my life is just one big carnival cruise. Haha. It’s definitely not. And alhamdulillah. I wouldn’t want to have a life that I didn’t earn and work for. I wouldn’t want a life that was just filled with a high point. Because then I wouldn’t feel all that high, would I? And I wouldn’t understand and appreciate the sensation that is triumph.

This is what I love about photographs. What it will mean to you is one thing. What I really felt at that point of my life is another thing. Sometimes I felt completely lost. Other times I felt so secure in who I was.

The story a photograph tells is in the eye of the beholder.

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And if they’re willing then sure I’ll bring them

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(don’t blame me…blame my boss for not being in the office today)

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ghetto melancholy.

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