rent a super car for a day.

the louis vuitton don.

when we were kings

we didn’t know better

we didn’t know what a life was

we didn’t believe in more

we only knew that which was given to us

and it was cherished as if it was a crown placed upon our heads

everyday was routine

everything was ordinary

then we went out into the world

and we saw an extravagance that washed away the ordinary

so we chased the extravagance

we ventured far and wide

we became new people

we wore different hats in search of a crown

and in search of this kingdom we built ourselves a cage

Into the Light Featur(n)ing Jay Electronica

now there’s crumbs all over the damn place.

Big Sean - Paradise (Prod. by Mike Will Made It)

Nas - One Love (Prod. by Q-Tip)

A two day stay, you may say
I needed time alone to relax my dome
No phone, left the nine at home


Jimi | Online Shop

The original painting was given as a gift for those asking, but you guys can still cop a canvas print, and various other options.

Penny Goodwin - Too Soon You’re Old

People always try to tell you, “Baby, you’ll be going far.”