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Sometimes nostalgia can be a cage. Your mind state drifts backwards, far away from the present, and is governed by a time we romanticize ideally. But even the past was not ideal. We just tend to remember it in a light that is more pleasant. A light that diminishes anything the present and future could ever offer. You find yourself trapped always looking back; cherry picking the good moments and shading out the one’s that were not as perfect. A lot of times, nostalgia is dishonest.

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I also would like to announce that I ship to Europe and internationally now…without the help of NATO


Anonymous asked:

how do you go about pricing your prints?


Hi and thank you for your interest in my photography.

4 x 6 inches: $5
5 x 7 inches: $6
6 x 8 inches: $7
8 x 10 inches: $12
11 x 14 inches: $25
16 x 20 inches: $40

Shipping and Handling is a flat rate of $10 within US and $20 outside the US.


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"can’t a young man get money anymore?"

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