Jay Electronica - Suplexes Inside of Complexes & Duplexes (Prod. by Mac Miller)

Every rhyme’s halal, every line is kosher. 

the day has eyes but the night has ears.

La Roux - The Feeling

This is such a beautifully sad song. The beat and hook cleverly disguise it but her voice and the lyrics are subtly sad. 

People change. This is inevitable. And people enter our lives just as easily as they disappear from it.

But what makes a friendship truly special is when two people continue to change and progress but their bond always remains strong. These are the friendships that matter.

Friendships that don’t skip a beat.

Friendships that always feel familiar.

Friendships you can always count on.

Friendships that understand that 5 years from now will be different than today.

Friendships that don’t rely on convenience or similarities.

Friendships that thrive on genuineness.

Friendships that always bring you back home regardless of where life has taken you.

Thank you so much for the feedback on some of my paintings and photography. It’s really humbling seeing people invest their hard earned money but more importantly having an emotional connection with something I made. It’s an honor. It’s surreal. It’s almost like a stranger welcoming you into their home. I’ll be sending out all the orders this upcoming week since I’ve been our of town. Hope all of you find joy in whatever piece you selected. Let me know how you like them and I’d love to see how they look in your home.

Once again thank you! Made my night looking through all the feedback.


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an ode to my favorite album cover

Rihanna - No Love Allowed