2012 was the year I traveled.

I was on the verge of graduating college and I had saved up my money for this exact purpose: to go and see things before responsibility would settle in.

It’s a very beautiful world. I got to visit places that some people dream of and others that very few even think of. I’m very thankful for all I experienced and everyone I met and broke bread with along the way.

For me, home was a bit of a mystery in 2012. A house and a home are not necessarily a hand in hand thing. My house here in Los Angeles is just that…a house. The people who made it a home are thousands of miles away. Their pictures remain hung up throughout the halls but their spirits have long left. And that’s something I’ve struggled to adapt to over the years. I went out into the world to observe other people’s homes. Some gaudy and some humble. But one thing that remained constant, the happiest homes were built on the foundation of family. And I missed mine terribly in 2012 and know just how important they are now.

I think in 2013 I’ll begin to lay the groundwork for my future family here in LA inshAllah. No more traveling. Haha.