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Outkast - Lookin’ 4 Ya Feat. Sleepy Brown

Said my name repeatedly, repeat in me
Like Tony Toni Toné Tony Tony
I know, I know, I know I said two too many Tony’s
I go, I go, I go I’m not usually a morning…person
But certain skirts then makes me pull back the curtain and let the sun burst in
She’s searchin’ for her Ken, Barbie
Her skin makes my Berlin Wall fall down to the ground
Now to shave, hardly…
A one night stand. Number on nightstand.
She ain’t never gonna leave me hangin’ like an old white man
But she don’t understand that I’m a fan of Steely Dan
And she likes everything that’s on the radio
So I demand she change it. 

- Andre 3000

I’m convinced that if Andre 3000 ever decides to release a solo hip-hop album…

nah…don’t even want to jinx it.

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