The most underrated and under appreciated commodity today is privacy. Technology in 2013 makes it harder for us to value because we are constantly updated. A lot of times it feels like if were not sharing or documenting what we’re doing, it’s almost as if we did not experience it in the first place.

Of course we all have something to share. Obviously I have a blog. Haha. I like to share bits and pieces of my life, but I am not down to update every detail of my existence. Nor am I here to write a biography and connect the dots. I think there’s something to be said about a person’s mystique and mystery. It makes us all as individuals much more interesting because it leaves room for imagination and intrigue. It’s nice to wonder sometimes rather than to know. I would much rather have interactions/life be organic than formulated.

The actual experience itself is not the draw but rather the documentation of it is. The response to it is. And I think it really waters down life to live that way. Whether it’s a sporting event, a concert, or even something as simple as lunch with a friend, it’s as if we have to stop the moment, step outside of it, and take a picture of it to share with everyone who is not there with us, rather than just enjoy and acknowledge the natural emotions that stem during that instant.

And it’s a shame. Because rather than cultivate a memory through the vibe and feel, we want to take a snapshot of it. A snapshot that will be three weeks, 3 months, a year old, etc. And soon its buried in our newsfeed/dashboard/timeline and is forgotten. It’s a firework world these days because we will put so much energy into shining bright for one loud instant rather than sitting under the sun, embracing it, and enjoying it.