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Yasiin Bey & Mannie Fresh - Let’s Go

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Black Star - Another World

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Yasiin Bey - Sex, Love & Money


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Yasiin Bey - Umi Says

sometimes I don’t want to be bothered.
sometimes I just want a quiet life.

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Yasiin Bey - Sunshine Screwface (Prod. by J Dilla)

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Yasiin Bey - The Panties

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Common - The Questions Feat. Yasiin Bey (Prod. by J Dilla)

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Yasiin Bey - Mr. Nigga Feat. Q-Tip

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Yasiin Bey - Freedom is Everybody’s Job

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Yasiin Bey - Pistola (Prod. by Oh No)

If you wanna fall in love, then where should you stand to begin with?
And when the fall is done, how bad should you plan to get injured?
And if you land on your feet, does it count as a fall or a jump?
And does it feel like a fall if the hands that push you are holding you up? 

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Jill Scott - Love Rain Feat. Yasiin Bey (Ski Beatz Blend)

Love this blend.

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The Bullits - They Die by Dawn Feat. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica, & Lucy Lui

Preacher man say a prayer bless the caravan
Bandolero clans and jackals in the valley pass
Mindset on the treasures and the talisman
Hand set on The Holy Book and battle axe

- Yasiin Bey

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"One Called Trill" by Yasiin Bey

"One Called Trill" by Yasiin Bey

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Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game Feat. Mos Def (Live)

Money ain’t a thing. I’m a king, you’re a queen…
Big money chips sit stacked in the whip. Told me,
‘King love queen? Holler. Bet all, black.
Like, we can beat the house, cash out, and just bounce
Ride out into the sunset and never come back.’
Yeah, it sounds like a plan
And they deal you a hand
And the chips don’t fall like they did before
Like at first it was awesome
Now it’s just torture
Cleaning me out with the game that I taught ya’
I guess it’s my fault for taking your offer
Casino on the TV in the hotel room
I watch it for a few, now I’m thinking about you
Who’s Ginger? Who’s Sam?
Was it all just a scam?
Did you even give a damn?
I stretch out my hand but you ain’t coming back
And you breeze with my stacks
But it’s deeper than that
I just wonder where you at
And how I can get there
You whispered in my left ear,
‘Money ain’t a thing. You’re a king, I’m a queen.’

- Mos Def

One of my favorite Mos verses.

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