As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that trimming the fat in my life is probably the best thing I can do for myself.

Some interests, people, and environments that used to fit into my life just don’t anymore. As much as we grow up, we grow out of certain things and grow into others.

So my advice is don’t hang on to the things that used to be meaningful. Tuck them away and be thankful that they gave you feelings and memories that contributed to your life. Evaluate who you are and how you think as of right now and where you want it to take you. Start designing your life around who you are today and what you envision to come.

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Love is more of an encompassing emotion than something to pinpoint and tie down. What do you feel for those that love?

Love is a range of emotions that can define a lifetime. When we care so strongly about what we invest our love in, frustration and exhaustion come without a doubt. But it’s worth it, because we love. Love is like a glue that connects all of our struggles we go through to all of our triumphs we live for.

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People will spend their whole lives trying to prove themselves rather than be themselves.

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"Don’t let your talent take you somewhere your character can’t keep you."

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Never forget that your education is a privilege that you were fortunate enough to have.

Whether it was the right parents, the right environment, the right financial capabilities, or even the right level of responsibility focus and work ethic, you were placed in a position to focus on education where as a lot of other people were not allotted that same blessing.

A college degree doesn’t make you smarter. It makes you fortunate. And it places the responsibility on yourself for the type of professional, person, and scholar you want to be to the world.

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Don’t ever do anything in this life to feel appreciated. Whatever good you do, do it because you take pride in it. Appreciation is fleeting. It’s great to feel appreciated but don’t let it dictate what you offer to the world.

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There are few things I enjoy more than driving alone at night. There’s a vastness, mystery, and endlessness to it. Music sounds better at night. The night time captures your imagination and curiosity in a way the day can’t. I always felt like the day time was much more rigid and schedule oriented. The night is more organic and free flowing. In a way I find myself often daydreaming during the night as I drive. Something about the darkness of night allows me to take it in more vividly.

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People say life is simpler when we’re young.

I think my life is more simple today than ever before.

For starters, I’m no longer jumping into new phases and chasing after who I perceived myself to be.

I’ve finally settled into who I am. I know how I want to spend my time and who I want to be around. I know what I like and don’t. Most importantly, I invest my energy into the things I enjoy and the things I find meaningful.

And that’s not to say I’ve figured it all out for myself. But there’s a lot more honesty within myself and self awareness that I don’t think I had in the past.

My responsibilities have increased ten fold since college. But the difference is that these responsibilities have been something I’ve taken on with a clearer head than ever before.

In a lot of ways, I look back at my college days and high school days and the bullshit level is hilarious. Like we would literally welcome bullshit into our lives. Things that were not important. Time that was wasted. Acquaintances that kind of vanished. I look back at it as a huge blur. Of bullshit.

And life is much simpler without bullshit. But you have to live with it for a bit to realize you could do much better without it.

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People grow apart.

I like to think of this as an indictment of life more so than a reflection of a person or their intentions.

Life has a way of taking people to different destinations. Different thrills, emotions, values, pains, highs, and lows. A lot of the times, we don’t really have a say in what that destination is or the means by which we arrive there.

All I know is life brings about change. Whether it’s within yourself or the environment around you. That’s the one guarantee in this life. All I hope is that the changes are for the better.

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The popular saying is “When you’re down, you really see who your true friends are.”

Alhamdulillah and knock on wood, I’ve never been down enough to test this theory.

But I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. I’ve found that the biggest / happiest moments of my life were true litmus tests to distinguish between people who cared about me and people who just knew me. And during the happiest moments of my life, I could always feel that difference. There’s just something about genuine happiness that shines brighter than any other human emotion. It inspires and humbles me. So when people show it, it’s such a beautiful thing for me to witness. Those people differentiate themselves immediately, because in a moment of personal happiness you feel even more joy from their presence.

But I think having that true connection with someone is rare yet special. Maybe that’s the way God wills it to be, so I can truly appreciate their presence in my life.

I’ve found that people have an easier time sympathizing with another person’s hardship than they do truly relishing in and embracing another person’s joy.

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As kids we could halt time.

Saturday felt like an eternity. It took me an hour to finish my bowl of cereal and there was no rush. I had a whole day in front of me. I would stumble outside with no real plan for the day and just get lost in whatever was in front of me. The sun felt like it stayed out forever looking after me and when the night time came it felt like perfect timing. Sleep felt like the perfect amount.

Holidays and birthdays were always accounted for and anticipated.

Everything was right on time and on schedule.

I could track time. I could measure it but never did I cherish it. Time was forever. Time seemed constant.

But as I’ve grown up, time has escaped me. Days become less distinguishable now. Months blur together. Holidays and birthdays catch me by surprise. Weekends pass me by as if they were a lunch break.

I once molded time without even knowing it. Now I am aware as it slips through my hands.

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If You Love Me

Show me your imperfections.

Show me your temper. Show me your frustration. Show me your impatience. Show me your insecurities. Show me your vulnerability. Show me your hurt. Show me your struggle. Show me your nervousness. Show me your vanity. Show me your fragility. Show me your lack of confidence. Show me your fears. Show me your lust. Show me your anger. Show me your harshness.

Show me what they will never see. See in me what they can never be.

Show me that you trust me.

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I used to live my life as if I were putting a puzzle together. Each day was a piece. And each piece contributed a new feeling. I pieced that puzzle together long ago. I was concerned with documenting every moment.

Now, I’ve decided to paint all over that puzzle.

A colorful stroke from a brush. A stroke that’s a blur or a blob, but I’d prefer to call it a blend. It’s not necessarily neat. And not everything within it is distinct, but the stroke is from my hand, and my hand alone and this in itself makes it as distinct and meaningful as it could ever be.

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When you live your life through records, the records are a record of your life.

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