Lakers Rant

A duck is a duck

A cow is a cow

A goose is a goose

And when you’re 33 games into the season and your record is 15-18, you are what you are…mediocre.

These guys couldn’t defend Martha Stewart and Rosie O’Donnell running the pick n roll.

I Find It Interesting…

…that in American sports, the only three leagues with a minimum age requirement are the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), the NBA (National Basketball Association), and the NFL (National Football League).

MLB (Major League Baseball) does not have that requirement. ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) does not have it either. Neither does the PGA Tour (Professional Golf Association).

The fact that the WNBA, NBA, and NFL are dominated by African American athletes, while the latter three are not, is suspect.

What makes a baseball player more equipped than a basketball player to make the jump from high school into professional athletics?

I don’t know if this is a racial issue or not. I don’t want to cast it out there as one recklessly.

But I do know that the three most lucrative sports in college are football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

So it’s better served for the NCAA to take in these athletes, market these athletes, and profit off of them, in return for a scholarship that really does not even add up to a fraction of the money that these student athletes are generating for their respective colleges. If you add up the amount of time a student athlete practices, all the events they play in, all the promotional events they go to, then finally their school work, that scholarship equates to somewhere near minimum wage.¬†That’s definitely not in the best interest of an athlete who is capable of making the leap from high school into a professional career, which they should have every right to do.¬†

So let’s stop pretending that these athletes are being done a service by attending a college first and obtaining an “education” and call it what it is. A business.

Wishing my hero a happy and healthy 70th birthday and many more birthdays to come.

There will never be an athlete as socially active, iconic, symbolic, and successful as Muhammad Ali ever again. The greatest.

As silly as this may sound, during elementary school, I wasn’t comfortable being a Muslim. I had no real connection to the religion itself. Then I remember watching Muhammad Ali on ESPN Classic and he made me proud to be a Muslim. I was proud that he was a representative of our Ummah.